Standard perfomance tanks with capacity from 30 to 200 liters meant for feeding of product in the filler. Special tanks is designed for feeding of product in the filler and for preparation the product. Special tanks is customized as per order.

For example, cheese vat consists of two tanks insert one inside the other. The internal tank with volume of 100 liters is filled by product. The space between the outer tank and the inner tank is filled with water (80 liters water-jacket). The water jacket is heated by tubular heating element. Switching on and stopping of heating element is controlled by thermal automatic controller. It maintain heat in the water jacket within the required range. To maintain a uniform temperature throughout water jacket is used circulating-water pump. For water drain from water jacket is installed tap on drain tube underneath of tank.

We also manufacture the water jacket heating by connecting the hot water without heating elements. Inside the tank is installed mixer with electric motor drive. Direction and speed of rotation is regulated. For cutting of cheese coagulum into horizontal slices is installed a hand mixer with knives. Vertical cutting of cheese coagulum carry out by cutter which is manually droped to the bottom of the tank and moved up.