Aluminum packaging solution for variety of products

Arbitrary shape. Contactless sealing. Full-color printing.
Thanks to properties of aluminum, embossed lids are a truly universal way to package virtually any product: dairy, yoghurt, desserts, jam, soup and others. Plus, embossed die cut lids supplied by our company prove highly reliable on any fill-and-seal production line you may have.

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Extraordinary features for a below ordinary price

Fits any product and FS-line
Embossing of die cut lid increases its tear resistance properties by creating micro stiffening ribs on the surface. Also, embossed die cut lids are easier to separate from each other in a pack. PROLINOM s.r.o. offers multiple embossing textures: orange peel, linen, needle and so on.

Embossing of your choice
Thanks to the special foam heat seal lacquer, and the enhanced properties of the aluminum foil, the lid detaches from the cup in one simple move. Premium segment consumers hate when a lid tears, so PROLINOM unembossed die cut lids are readily tear resistant.

Superior barrier properties
Aluminum is completely neutral and does not affect the contents of the cup. The width of the lid along with firm adhesion to the cup creates an excellent protection against UV, bacteria and moisture greatly enhancing expiry dates of your products.

Attractive visuals
Thanks to customized shapes of the lid, you can create arbitrary designs to make the product stand out on the shelf. And full-color printing is a must-have for successful branding and positioning of the product.

Contactless sealing
Our heat sealing equipment seals the die cut lids to plastic cups without direct contact with the surface of the lid for extra hygiene and near-zero risk of contamination. The aluminum lid is heated using inductive currents until the lacquer melts. Then the lid is applied to the cup and firmly adheres to it.

The embossed die cut lids technology is a cheaper alternative to unembossed die cut lids while still retaining the most crucial advantages. And while cost of paper lid is also rather affordable, embossed aluminum lids are truly versatile and fitting endless range of products to pack.

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