Semi-automatic sealing machine for plastic containers with food.  For sealing apply laminated polymer films (with barrier properties). Cutting of film carry out from a roll. It may be a printed film or non-printed. Gas flushing option fill container by inert gas before sealing in order to improve the shelf life of product.

Semi-automatic tray sealer


Technical data

Output: up to 600 pcs/hour
Time of sealing with cutting 1.5-2 sec.
Dimensions: 600*400*490 mm
Weight: 30 kg
Power supply: 220-240V, 50 Hz
Power consumption: 1.2 kW
Air-pressure: 0.6 MPa
Сompressed air consumption: 50 liters/min


Gas flushing option
Automatic moving of film


Easy maintenance
High quality sealing