Laser markers for marking the date on the package is designed for fast and efficient marking and coding of information (date, logo, drawing, barcode, etc.) on various types of packaging. It is used in various industries: spirit producers code the label, glass or lid; dairy factories mark label, gable top carton, cheese; food companies put the date on the PET bottles and other packaging; cable and pipe factories mark information on wires, cables and pipes. Laser is also ideal for coding tobacco, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc. industries with high demands for cleanliness and environmental compatibility. Laser marker put information in a different of working conditions on high-speed conveyors and nonmoving object. It is attractive alternative to inkjet because laser is clean, reliable and low cost.

Laser marker


Technical data

Type of laser CO2
Power 10W/25W/30W/40W
Speed of marking 100 symbol/min.
Dimensions: 220*160*700 mm
Weight: 15 kg
Power consumption: 0.5 kW


High speed applications
Economy ( no expendable material)
Indelible coding (protection against counterfeit)
Coding of various information
Simplicity and efficiency in service
Compact size
Steel jacket
Wide variety of materials for marking