Plastic Die Cut Lid

Metal free die cut lids for the widest range of food products
Superior tear resistance. Highest printing quality. 30+ lid shapes.

Plastic Die Cut Lid detailed

Advantages of plastic die cut lids

Almost impossible to tear
Thanks to the orientated polyester, our PET lids are extremely puncture and tear resistant. The result? Customer satisfaction, of course! No leakages, no returns, and 100% safety of the contents. Plus, you can save on protective caps as the lid itself is strong enough.

Wide range of products to package
Plastic lids fit anything: creams, desserts, salads, instant noodles or soups, ready meals, and even products containing vinegar and alcohol. Lack of metals allows customers to safely microwave products. Low sealing temperature preserves lacto bacteria living in yogurt while allowing for pasteurization of other products.

Excellent printing quality
Plastic die cut lids are intrinsically white. This means brighter image and higher printing resolution resulting in vivid visuals and instant brand recognition on the shelf. Coupled with effortless opening of the lid, your products easily match and exceed customer expectations in the premium segment.

Ready to put into production
PET lids firmly adhere to PP and PS cups preventing foreign contamination and erecting the impenetrable barrier for aroma and moisture. Also, the PROLINOM s.r.o. supply die cut lids in 30+ standard shapes plus any arbitrary shape you may need.

Safe and ECO-friendly
Unlike aluminum lids, plastic die cut lids allow the use of metal detectors on the production line, which is vital to eliminate even the slightest possibility of metal contamination. Importantly, cups with PET lids are 100% recyclable and doesn’t even require waste sorting.

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