CNC Lathe


X axis travel 180+10 mm
Z axis travel 310 mm
X / Z Guide ways Linear guide ways
X axis rapid feed 24 m/min
Z axis rapid feed 30 m/min
X axis feed rate 8 m/min
Z axis feed rate 10 m/min
Ballscrew 3210/3212 mm
Track type X:30 type roller
Y:30 type roller


Swing over bed Ø400 mm
Swing over saddle Ø260 mm
Max. turning diameter Ø320 mm
Drawtube capacity Ø45 mm
Max. turning length 300 mm


Speed 5000 rpm
Nose A2-5
Power chuck system 6 inch
Hole diameter Ø56 mm
Motor 5.5/7.5 kw
Spindle bearing hole diameter Ø80 mm


Tool change type 63 type (Hydraulic pressure)
Number of tools 8
Turning shank size 20×20 mm
Max turning bar diameter Ø25 mm


Tailstock body travel 200 mm
Quill travel 75 mm
Quill taper 4 MT
Quill diameter Ø75 mm
Tailstock fixed mode Manual operation
Lathe center dive mode Hydraulic pressure


X axis travel 24 M / min
Z axis travel 30 M / min
X cutting feed rate 8 M
Z cutting feed rate 10 M

Tank Capacity

Hydraulic 35 L
Hydraulic motor 1 HP
Max oil pressure 30 Kg/c㎡
Automatic lubrication 0.1 kw
Cooling pump 0.5 kw

Machine Dimension

Net weight 2,860 Kgs
Length 2,880 mm
Height 1,910 mm
Width 1,665 mm
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of the machine. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

MSL series, with high modular designs, can process complex appearance parts and are applicable to bathroom equipment, auto parts, and machinery parts of the processing industry.


MSL series use high-quality ball screw: Such ball screw has both ends fixed and the central transmission torque tested rigorously for many times, making sure no torque deformation happens.


The new turret design improves original high-rigidity level, further enhancing cutting efficiency, extending tool life, and machining accuracy.