CNC Lathe


X axis travel 230 (205 + 25opt.) mm
Z axis travel 550 (*800/1,040) mm
X / Z Guide ways Box way


Swing over bed Ø600 mm
Swing over saddle Ø400 mm
Max. turning diameter Ø400 mm
Drawtube capacity Ø76 mm
Max. turning length 500 (*750/1,000) mm


Speed 30 ~ 3500 rpm
Nose A 2-8
Power chuck system 10 in. ( 12 in. opt. )
Hole diameter ø76 ( ø92 opt. ) mm
Motor 25 HP

Feed Rate

Cutting feed rate X cutting feed rate: 0~10,000
Z cutting feed rate: 0~10,000 M / min


Tool change type SERVO
Number of tools 12 (*10)
Turning shank size 25×25 mm
Max turning bar diameter Ø40 (Ø50 opt.) mm
Power tooling N/A
Power tooling motor N/A
Power tooling speed N/A


Tailstock body travel 830 ( 580/1080 opt. ) mm
Quill travel 100 mm
Quill taper 5 MT
Quill diameter Ø85 mm


X axis travel 20 M / min
Z axis travel 24 M / min
X cutting feed rate 0~10 M
Z cutting feed rate 0~10 M

Tank Capacity

Hydraulic 50 L
Hydraulic motor 3 HP

Equipment Requirement

Power requirement 30 KVA

Machine Dimension

Net weight 4,800 (*5,300/5,800)
Length 2,750 (*3,000/3,550) mm
Height 1,800 mm
Width 1,860 (*1,860/1,950) mm
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of the machine. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

One-piece slant bed structure provides steady base, low center, and high rigidity.
Box way design with thicker rids allows no transformation.
Machine are made of Meehanite cast iron. the stress-relieved structure features metallic stability and deformation-fee characteristics for long term static as well as dynamic accuracy
Every contacting surface is precision hand scraped to increase the flatness and improve geometric accuracy of the whole assembly
Surrounded pressure current leading design on casting keeps longer lasting life.
With high quality and high precision linear guide ways.


Rapid feed achieves 20 & 24 m/min for X and Z axis and guarantees high efficiency machining capacity.
High precision C3 class ballscrews ø 32 mm & ø 40 mm for X and Z axis.
With direct drive coupling are experimented in real pre-tensioned test to ensure axis positioning accuracy.


Hydraulic tailstock travel can be controlled by NC program.
Tailstock quill thrust can be adjusted from machine front.